Over the years, I have written extensively about success and what is behind an elite athlete's ability to win. However, these same factors for success also apply outside of the world of sport.

In the video link below, the woman who is singing is deaf. She was a life long singer who at the age of 18 lost her hearing, yet still managed to pursue and achieve her goal of being a singer.

Of her many qualities, she figured out how to overcome a challenge. It is a misnomer to think that the path to winning, to the very top is not covered with roots, shaky suspension bridges, steep terrain, unexpected wildlife and slippery places. So much so that most people see the path to the top and either never start or just make it halfway. 

In the case of this singer, she had a monumental challenge. She lost the use of the primary tool for voice and tone regulation. Imagine losing your hearing and still singing. Or imagine walking on a long mountain trail, blind! Yet, she had the courage to stand on a stage and continue singing. Clearly the word impossible is not part of her mindset.

She found a way to continue singing. Great champions always seem to find a way to win, no matter what the challenge they are abel to make it happen.


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