Add years to your life - Try going 5 for 5

“Men and women who were 5-for-5 on the lifestyle factors were 74% less likely to die during the study period than their counterparts who were 0-for-5. In particular, they were 65% less likely to die of cancer and 82% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease, the researchers found”.

The lifestyle factors are - Exercising at least 30 min per day, nutritious diet, maintain healthy weight, not smoking, drinking in moderation.

While the science on the healthy amount of alcohol consumed can be debated - regular exercise, having a nutritious diet, maintaining a healthy weight and of course not smoking have a tremendous amount of supporting research.

If you are going 5-for-5, you could be adding years to your life.

“At age 50, the women who had the healthiest lifestyles could expect to live until age 93, 14 years longer than women who had the least healthy lifestyles. Among 50-year-old men, the healthiest could expect to live until age 87, 12 years longer than their least-healthy counterparts”.

Even if this study was off by a few years and women got just an extra 10 and men an extra 8, wouldn’t you still want to hedge your bet and try a healthy lifestyle?